World Naked Bike Ride

Once a year, in over 75 cities across the globe, people get naked, and ride their bicycles en masse around the cities that they love. This international, clothing optional event is known as the World Naked Bike Ride. Recently the World Naked Bike Ride [WNBR for short] has been gaining a lot of popularity both with the press and with participants.

WNBR’s recipe for success:
1 part nudity
1 part exercise
1 part purpose

Mix ingredients with various forms of motorless transportation, music and body paint. Shake and serve over a beautiful summer evening. Let the fun begin!

The WNBR was started almost a decade ago by one Conrad Schmidt. Conrad had been organizing naked bike rides for artist groups for a while, then one day he came up with a brilliant idea. He would organize a ride that happened in multiple cities across the planet on a single day. Conrad was able to organize such an event due to his indepth involvement with the arts. The riders would be gathering to raise awareness for energy alternatives, bicyle safety and positive body image.

In 2004 the first WNBR was held in over 28 different cities. It was a tremendous success for the different causes, Conrad and the riders. Since then the WNBR has only gotten bigger. It is now held in over 75 different cities and it’s still growing.

This reporter has attended 3 rides, 1 in San Francisco and 2 in Chicago. On all the rides I met incredible artists, cyclists and people. Body paint, mobiel DJs, performance art and dancing were abundant during both the rides and the after partys. Additionally, on all the rides I have been involved with there have been no arrests and no accidents. However, that is not always the case.

While this is an amazing event, there is a small amount of risk involved, you can learn more about both the risk and the reward by visiting the WNBR site [click here]. If you are a philadelphia resident and you would like to learn/participate in the WNBR you should visit the PNBR site [click here].  If you are planning to attend the Philadelphia Naked Bike Ride, you should plan on seeing members of the AWM staff.

Below is a short film about the WNBR in Chicago. We hope you enjoy!

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